Live event orchestral works:

“Symphony of Angels" 2023 Palais Theatre Melbourne, Her Majetsy's Theatre Adelaide, 2022 Sydney State Theatre, Hobart QPAC-Brisbane, Perth Concert Hall,  2019 Sydney-Opera House, Melbourne-Hamer Hall, QPAC-Brisbane, 2018 and 2020 with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
"Luminous" film/ballet - The Australian Ballet 50th anniversary NYC
"Songs of a Distant Star"
“Concerto for Whale and Orchestra”
“Symphony of Angels" 2010

Film Soundtracks:
Symphony of the Wild - Feature documentary composer/music producer
Sneezing Baby Panda - The Movie composer/ music producer

Documentaries (including):
Bears of the Sun and Moon
Chamois Goat – Acrobat of the Abruzzo
Chimps – Orphans of Chimfunchi
Clown of the Jungle – The Proboscis Monkey
Dancing for a Dollar – The Sloth Bears of India
Dingo Under Seige
Dolphins – The Codebreaker
Elephants – Soul of Sri Lanka
Hippo of the Zambezi
Irish Pony – Return of a Native
The Last Reindeer
Leopard Man of Ngala
Lions of Phinda
Menziwa's Children - The Elephants of Zimbabwe
Pandas – The Great Leap Forward
Pandas – The New Breed
Red Panda – In the Shadow of a Giant
Satan or Survivor – The Tasmanian Devil
Snow Leaopards – In the Lap of the Gods
Yangtze Alligators – Widl Dragon of China
Yuska's Story – A Gorilla Dynasty
Zebra – Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Corporate and TV:
“Shell - 100 Years”
“The MCG Story”
“The Melbourne Story”
"The Magic of Animals" TV pilot
"The New MCG" video launch

Various corporate videos

Orchestration, arranging and conducting:

"Falling for Figaro" - orchestrator

"Picnic at Hanging Rock' TV series - Arranger

"Koko: A Red Dog Story" Orchestrator, arranger, conductor

"Mosquito Coast" - string arrangements
"Koko" A Red Dog Story - orchestrator and conductor
Women He's Undressed" - string arrangements
“Beneath Hill 60” – orchestrator and conductor
“Bran Nu Dae” – orchestrator and conductor
“Blessed” - string arrangements
String arrangements – The Jed Rowe Band, Brian Baker.
“Night” – orchestrator, music production and conductor
“The Society Murders” – orchestrator and conductor
“The Book of Revelation” - orchestrator
TAXI RIDE – Live DVD 2006 “Electrophobia” – string arrangements
“String Quartet Themes” library CD ( Fable Image )
"The Tea Party" tour - string arrangements
A wide variety of arrangements for TV including “Good Morning Australia”
(Becky Cole, Sylvi Palladino, Ricky Lee, ..)

Sound design / theatre:

“1914” - Australian Ballet
2001 and 2003 Victourism awards - music director / producer
Opening night music composition (incl choir) production - Frankston Arts Centre 1996

Demo tracks from past projects

 Past orchestration/ conducting project trailers

Beneath Hill 60

The Book of Revelation

Bran Nue Dae


 Past project involvement trailers

Eye of the Storm