'Love Actually' in concert - December 23, 2023:

IMP continues it's relationship with ‘Love Actually’ in concert, now into the 4th year of the classic Christmas movie and live orchestra. This much loved film will be performed at Hamer Hall in Melbourne just prior to Christmas Day. 

'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' August 4th and 5th, 2023.

IMP is contracting a 62 piece orchestra for the upcoming performances of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - In Concert'. This iconic movie will be shown with a live music score at Hamer Hall, Melbourne. 

THE PRINCESS BRIDE - In Concert: July 30th, 2023

IMP is contracting a 67 piece orchestra for the upcoming performances of 'The Princess Bride - In Concert'. This iconic movie will be shown with a live music score at The Plenary, Melbourne. 

'Tulliah' string arrangements:

Rob is writing new string arrangements to 3 songs for the extraordinary artist ‘Tulliah’ and is also transcribing previous string parts for live recording sessions later in 2023. Working closely with her and Dean Tuza (her producer) this album is set to become a seminal point in her career. 

Fable Music commission:

Rob has been asked to compose and produce a library album of music for Fable Music. This is over years since his last venture into that world and is an exciting addition to his catalogue of music for film and TV.

This will be a filmic set of music featuring strings, piano and a variety of acoustic instruments. Completion and release is set for June 2023.

'Bosch and Rokit' ('Ocean Boy') on Netflix

The luscious and haunting score for this Australian feature film, composed and produced by Brian Cachia' and starring Luke Hemsworth, is streaming on Netflix. Rob John and Leah Hooper played all the string parts, before Brian worked his magic at mixing the soundtrack. All tracks were recorded and engineered by Rob at studio IMP. 

‘Symphony of Angels’ - 23rd and 30th June 2023

Alongside the legendary band ‘The Angels’ there will be a 32 piece orchestra and a 40 piece choir. This retrospective of over 45 years of the bands song list is set to continue it's celebrated tour, encompassed by the sound of an added 72 musicians! Rob has written orchestra and choir arrangements for a 20 song journey through the bands most loved music.

Melbourne - The Palais, St Kilda      - Friday, June 23rd, 8pm

Adelaide     - Her Majesty's Theatre - Friday, June 30th, 8pm